Permanent Magnetic Lifter


Each size suit for plate type & round type steel using.
All new models with "light weight" less dimension and "lower price".
Made by permanent magnet, require no power supply, thus eleminating hazards due to failure wiring system as electric type.
It features powerful magnetic force, with 3.3 times safety coefficient makes more safety in use.

With On/off switch, it is very easy and convenient to operate.
See as the example picture as below.

Never moves the handle to "ON" side. except on an iron object of holding.

VML-600 Magnrtic Lifter  VERTEX

Permanent Magnetic Lifter

VML-600 Magnrtic Lifter
VGP-100 Magnetic Lifter VERTEX

Permanent Magnetic Lifter

VGP-100 Magnetic Lifter



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